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About Music of Science

My name is Christien Laber. I am a scientist and song writer with a mission of creating a body of music that delivers and celebrates stories of scientific exploration and the knowledge we gain from it through poetic interpretation and song. I recently received a PhD in Oceanography from Rutgers University studying ocean microbial interactions and the impact they have on ocean chemical cycles. Along the way, I embarked on some incredible adventures containing scientific, cultural, and personal stories. These are stories that should be told, but tend to get lost in the funnels and filters of scientific literature. At the frontier of human knowledge, excitement abounds and every study has untold narratives that should be heard by those outside the field.

My passion for music comes from years of tinkering with instruments and formal training in my earlier years. I recently started looking for a way of expressing my musical side and conjured the idea of this project along the way.  The interplay of science and music is visited much less than it deserves, and I hope to generate more interest in this front through my productions.

If you would like to know more about the project or are a scientist interested in collaboration, please visit the Contact page.

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