What is the Music of Science?

Music is a language we are all trained in from birth.  As we develop, the songs we hear and sing help shape our impressions of the world around us.  Music enhances experiences, and provides emotional connections and novel understanding.

Science needs music. Any scientist will tell you there is a rich and deep beauty to exploring the natural world.  However, when scientists communicate their findings, the energy of the experience is often lost due to the objectivity that science demands while interpreting and sharing conclusions. 

The Music of Science is an effort to fuel science literacy and interest by sharing the incredible stories of science through a musical setting.  Though currently in its infancy, it will explore the adventures of today’s scientists, as well as their discoveries and the majesty of nature.

Check out how scientists do research at the North Pole! The Ice Breaker Oden takes us to one of the most remote places on Earth to study how life survives in these frigid waters.

Find out how energy can travel through the marine food web.  Its not as direct as you might think! I’ll try to describe it in 1 minute.

This is the story of Algo the algae. What is Algo’s favorite activity?  Making oxygen, of course!  But just how much oxygen can Algo and his friends make? Let’s find out!

I wrote this song as a sentiment to the fact that we all start somewhere small, but with the right outlook, dedication, and maybe a little luck here and there,  we can go on to do amazing things!

Not So Scientific: Nature Lover

How do YOU love nature? Do you ever think about the things that make it possible for you to have these experiences, and how our actions impact the places we use and enjoy? A necessary part of love is understanding, and being responsible for the way we treat each other and this planet we call Home.

Salmon of the Klamath River struggle for survival in an ecosystem controlled by man.  Learn how problematic parasites have come to thrive in this environment and the strategy they use to terrorize native fish populations.  Is there any hope for the salmon?

Please enjoy my second addition to the Music of Science collection.  This song explores an unexpected kayaking trip through a bioluminescent algae bloom, highlighting both the ecology as well as the beauty that the phenomenon produces.

This is my first song of science!  Thank you for joining me this early in the creative process. I am excited to reveal the music video for the song titled ‘In Pursuit of Knowledge’ based on the North Atlantic Aerosols and Marine Ecosystems Study (NAAMES) oceanographic expeditions. Click to watch!

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